Project Description

Liberty Hall 360: Revolutionary Wedding | Feature Film

The film invites audiences to attend the wedding of future Founding Father John Jay to socialite Sarah Livingston, the daughter of the first elected governor of New Jersey. A colorful cast of characters leads the audience on an adventure around the mansion and grounds, as they experience the story through the eyes of “Lucius Horatio”, a rambunctious young guest at the wedding.

Filming each scene in one continuous take as well as a VR 360 take lead to a lot of postproduction challenges. Most interior scenes were filmed with only one HMI, either bouncing light off the ceiling or shining it through a window. In post, I had to create multiple masks per scene to adjust exposure and color balance, including one per character to track their face to adjust tonal highlights, mid tones, and shadows of their skin. Color grading also involved adding digital light rays in most interior scenes, more dominantly in the kitchen and wine cellar to give the visual effect of dusty or smoky environments. During filming, microphones got ruffled on clothing, so we had to record ADR for most scenes. To match new dialogue with the actors lips, I spliced multiple takes and tediously shifted the audio tracks frame by frame to create the best sync. I also created the sound scape of the scenes with prerecorded foley sound effects. This project gave me the chance to use many features of DaVinci Resolve which saved a lots of time and gave me more appreciation for the software.

Project Details

Post-production Stills

These before & after sliders show how I altered the original, flat image to produce the desired overall tone in the final export. Some of these sliders reveal the layers of light rays I composited along with color grading. Working with RAW uncompressed video allowed me to shift the levels (highlights, mid tones & shadows) and hues to give the desired look, without effecting the integrity of the footage.

RAW | Color Graded

RAW | Color Graded & Composited Light Rays

RAW | Color Graded & Composited Light Rays